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Our broad line of Encor® acrylic adhesive polymers offers a comprehensive range of properties to meet your application needs.

Encor® waterborne adhesives for tapes, labels and packaging help you formulate a competitive advantage into your adhesive product line:

  • choose from 100% acrylic, styrene acrylic or vinylic chemistries
  • enhance performance and sustainability through innovative products including very high solids ready to coat waterborne adhesives


Tape, label and film adhesives

Arkema Coating Resins offers a range of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) to provide the right balance of adhesion, cohesion and tack required for the manufacture of PSA tapes, labels and films.

Wet labeling adhesives

With its wet labeling range, Arkema Coating Resins offers an efficient solution to partially or totally replace casein in your cold glues for bottle labeling.


The Encor® wet labeling range consists of alkali-soluble emulsions with a tightly controlled molecular weight.


Their combination of properties such as thickening power, good resistance to extreme temperatures and good washability (for bottle recycling) will enable you to produce standard and premium casein-free cold glues, suitable for high speed automatic labeling machines.

Packaging and converting adhesives

Arkema Coating Resins offers efficient solutions to fulfill the needs of the wood and paper markets through a broad portfolio of homopolymer and copolymer emulsions which cover all the main application processes thanks to a wide range of viscosities.

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