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Architectural and decorative coatings

When you evaluate the raw materials for your formulated products, Arkema Coating Resins offers a wide range of technology platforms to meet your exact requirements.

Our resins are can be formulated to help achieve your coating objectives across a number of decorative applications, inluding:

  • exterior trim and wall
  • interior trim and wall
  • masonry
  • stains

Our extensive range of polymer types makes it possible to acheive the best balance of of performance and cost.

Celocor® opaque polymer

Celocor® opaque polymer is a highly efficient, voided latex product that improves hiding and whiteness in paints and coatings, and functions as a partial replacement for titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Encor® polymers

Encor® vinylic, styrene-acrylic and 100% acrylic emulsions are based on APEO-free surfactants. A pure acrylic backbone imparts high UV resistance and non-yellowing properties. Using special monomers and technologies, acrylics can also be designed to achieve a high level of performance, including wet adhesion and stain-blocking resistance, for demanding applications such as isolating wall and wood coatings, primers and decorative topcoats.

SNAP® structured nano-acrylic polymers

With new SNAP® technology, it is easy to reach both the necessary rheological profile to give excellent application properties and also enable excellent film formation at low or zero VOC.

  • SNAP® 720, the original SNAP® binder, offers outstanding block resistance in low or zero VOC high-gloss coatings
  • SNAP® 2785 offers a unique balance of properties – good block resistance, flexibility and fast property development
  • SNAP® 2142 offers high gloss potential and good stain resistance

Synaqua® water-borne alkyds

The Synaqua® product line provides alkyd performance in a waterborne system. The products in this range can be formulated alone or in combination with specific Encor® or SNAP® polymers to impart alkyd properties into paints and varnishes.

  • Synaqua® 4804 offers high gloss for interior applications.
  • Synaqua® 4893 low foaming version adapted to combinations with SNAP® 2142 for high quality enamels.
  • Synaqua® 6812 improves the adhesion and penetration of styrene-acrylic and vinylic wall paints and primers

Gelkyd® thixotropic alkyds

Polyamide modified alkyds that impart thixotropy into a wide range of decorative coatings.  Gelkyd® products can be used in a range of formulations from non-drip to light creamy structures, in primers and full-gloss topcoats.

Super Gelkyd® thixotropic alkyds

Super Gelkyd® urethane and urea modified alkyds are resistant to polar additives and solvents. They are especially recommended for wood stain formulations.

Other products

We also manufacture a range of additional products for architectural coating applications:

  • Chempol® polyester, alkyd and acrylic polymers
  • Crayvalllac®  rheology modifiers for non-aqueous coatings and adhesives
  • Synolac® solvent based alkyd and modified alkyd resins
  • Unithane® urethane alkyds and oils

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