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Building and construction products

Our wide range of choices helps you optimize performance and value in your formulated products for construction, concrete and EIFS topcoats and basecoats.

You can choose from a variety of latexes for formulating building and construction products, including :

  • caulks and sealants
  • tape joint and spackling compounds
  • ceramic tile adhesives
  • EIFS base and topcoats
  • cement admixtures
  • construction adhesives
  • cure and seal finishes for concrete
  • soil stabilization and dust control products


The Encor® brand encompasses acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinylic technologies so you can

  • choose from 100% acrylic, styrene acrylic or vinylic chemistries
  • enhance performance and sustainability through innovative products including very high solid content hydrophobic polymer emulsions

Waterproofing membranes, mortar modifiers and sealants

Products for waterproofing membranes, mortars and grouts are mainly low glass transition temperature [Tg<0°C] acrylic dispersions characterized by a high compatibility with cement. They provide films with elastomeric behavior and excellent flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Wood and construction adhesives

With its broad portfolio of vinylic and acrylic based products, Arkema Coating Resins offers efficient solutions to satisfy the need of the construction adhesive industry.

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