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Industrial coatings

Arkema Coating Resins delivers a wide range of resins for industrial coatings for metal and wood.

Products for a wide range of applications

Our comprehensive product line enables you to formulate coatings for your most demanding applications:

  • general industrial coatings for metal
  • direct-to-metal coatings
  • vehicle refinishing coatings
  • transportation, agricultural and construction equipment coatings
  • marine and protective coatings
  • industrial wood finishes

Metal coatings

The metal coating market covers a very wide range of product types, suitable for application from light use to extremes of performance.

  • Primers that offer adhesion and corrosion protection.
  • Topcoats that deliver durability, gloss and color retention, including topcoats based on simple alkyds or highly durable and resistant 2-component acrylics.

There is also the modern requirement for these properties at reduced VOC as specified by the different regulations worldwide.


Our broad technology toolbox consists of water-borne and solvent-borne resins, based on acrylics, polyurethanes, polyesters and alkyds.

Industrial coatings products

Our range of products for industrial coating applications includes:

  • Synaqua® alkyd emulsions and water dilutable resins
  • Synocryl® thermoset and thermoplastic acrylics
  • Sunocure® acrylic polyols for isocyanate two component coatings
  • Synolac® solvent-based alkyd and modified alkyd resins; two pack hydroxyl-functional polyester resins; silicone-modified resins
  • Unithane® urethane alkyds and oils
  • Crayamid® reactive polyamide hardeners for epoxy resins
  • Encor® 100% acrylic, styrene acryli and vinylic copolomers emulsions
  • SNAP® structured nano-aclylic polymers

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