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Coatings for textiles, nonwovens, glass fibers and leather

Our wide range of choices helps you optimize performance and value in coatings for textiles, nonwoven, glass fiber and leather.

Our product line includes the Encor® product range of waterborne polymers for textile coatings, nonwovens and related products and introduces new products developed in response to demanding and dynamic market needs.


Our range of products lets you:

  • choose from 100% acrylic, styrene acrylic or vinylic chemistries
  • improve health, safety and environmental profile of your coatings without compromising performances by using our innovative formaldehyde free self-crosslinking binders

Textile coatings

Formulations based on Encor® binders can be applied to fabrics as paste or as foam, regardless of the application process (knife coating, rotary screen coating, etc.) and provide durability, protection and enhanced appearance across a wide range of textile surfaces.


Nonwovens are used in:

  • automotive
  • construction
  • civil engineering
  • geotextile
  • household
  • hygiene
  • filtration
  • cable wrapping
  • packaging applications

Binder selection can be optimized depending on type of nonwoven and end-use performance requirements such as:

  • tear and abrasion resistance
  • thermal dimensional stability
  • water absorbency/repellency
  • resilience
  • softness

Pigment printing

When used in pigment pastes, Encor® binders provide excellent crockfastness (rubbing resistance), good color rendering plus outstanding washing and dry cleaning resistance to printed fabrics. Encor® binders are designed to have the lowest possible thickener requirement helping to reduce overall costs while optimizing fabric feel and soft touch properties.

Glass fibers

Arkema Coating Resins offers a range of binders designed to meet the specific requirements of glass fiber applications, including:

  • building insulation
  • roofing membranes and roof insulations
  • filtration media
  • mats


Innovative products such as Encor® 1432 S, a self-crosslinking binder that contains no formaldehyde release agents but retains outstanding performance properties, can help meet your sustainability goals.