Binders for traffic paint

Arkema Coating Resins markets a range of binders for traffic coatings to enable the formulator to tailor coatings for specific applications.

Our binders offer a selection of products that support a wide range of coating applications, including:

  • road markings
  • directional markings
  • parking lot striping

Choose the best chemistry for your coatings

Arkema Coating Resins offers a selection of products that allows you to optimize your formulations to meet specific performance needs.  For example:

  • Formulate durable high performance, fast dry paints that feature excellent no-track time and early water resistance properties.
  • Formulate a standard fast dry paint using your choice of one of our fast dry latexes to meet your specific regulatory or cost requirements.

Choose the property set that best meets your formulating goals

Encor® binders offer excellent formulating flexibility.

  • Dry time - conventional or fast dry times with a range of no track/no pickup performance.
  • Film thickness - standard 15-20 mil or 22-30 mil high build coatings.
  • Reflectivity and optical properties - formulate with standard or large glass bead sizes to enhance retro-reflictivity properties.
  • Abrasion resistance - formulate highly durable coatings for extended life expectancy.
  • Water resistance - Encor® binders offer excellent early water resistance.


Choosing an Encor® binder allows you to formulate methanol-free traffic paints to help reduce volatile organic compound levels in finished coatings.