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Coating Additives

Product range
Arkema Coating Resins and coating additives

Arkema Coating Resins produces a wide variety of functional coating additives for non-aqueous decorative and industrial coatings, sealants, inks and defoamers for paint. Crayvallac® coating additives products include rheology modifiers, surface modifiers, and flow and leveling agents. Its products also include paint additives designed to improve properties like matting, anti-abrasion, slip and rub, sanding and texturing. Crayvallac® paint additives are available around the globe and are characterized by their pigment dispersion, viscosity control, and long-term stabilization.

Coating Additives Properties

  • Rheology modifiers control sedimentation and sag resistance
  • Surface modifiers, based on polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE, control surface lubricity and appearance
  • Flow and leveling agents enhance surface aspect
  • Dispersants offer easier processing conditions, better paint stability and improved film aspects

Coating Additives major applications

Additives for protective coatings and marine paints

Protective coatings and marine paints

Arkema Coating Resins offers a range of additives for protective coatings and marine paints, as well as heavy-duty coatings and agricultural, construction and earth-moving coatings. Rheology modifiers can be used in epoxy, PU, NISO coatings, offering optimal sag control. Flow and leveling additives improve the surface aspect in acrylic, PU, epoxy and polyester coatings. Slip and abrasion resistance agents offer excellent mar and rub resistance. For epoxy and PU systems, dispersants improve dispersion in solvent-borne coatings.

Additives for industrial wood coatings

With various additives for industrial wood coatings, Arkema Coating Resins offers rheology modifiers, flow and leveling additives, matting agents, sanding aids and abrasion resistance agents and dispersants. Cost-effective rheology modifiers offer a balance between sag control and anti-settling. Based on either polyacrylate or polyester technology, the flow and leveling additives improve surface aspect and offer excellent leveling and defoaming properties. Matting agents, micronized powders and aqueous dispersions provide satin or matting effect in wood coatings. Sanding aids and abrasion resistance agents improve sandability in wood finishes, as well as reduce dirt pick-up and metal marking. Dispersants provide a universal dispersing agent for solvent-borne coatings.

Additives for powder coatings

Powder coatings

Arkema Coating Resins offers highly effective additives for powder coatings. Flow, leveling and degassing additives work to improve the leveling of various powder coatings – PRIMID®-based pigmented systems and clear coatings. Matting agents improve slip and mar resistance and surface properties. Texturing and abrasion resistance agents increase surface hardness and scratch resistance.

Additives for automotive coatings and vehicle refinishes

Automotive coatings and vehicle refinishes

Arkema Coating Resins provides a range of additives for automotive coatings and vehicle refinishes that can be incorporated under high-speed dispersion, medium or moderate speed dispersion or as a simple stir-in.

Rheology modifiers are recommended for polyester putties, top-coats, primers or base-coats, offering excellent sag control and anti-settling. Flow and leveling additives improves the surface aspect in primers and base-coats. Dispersants are innovative and efficient for solvent-borne coatings, providing color strength and development.

Additives for can and coil coatings

Can and coil coatings

Arkema Coatings Resins provides various additives for can and coil coatings. Rheology modifiers promote excellent sag control and edge covering and easier dispersion. Abrasion and scratch resistance agents are versatile and increase slip and mar resistance. Flow and leveling additives offer excellent leveling and surface impact and are compatible in many systems. Matting agents are ideal for satin finishes or offer transparency in thin layers. Dispersants are ideal for solvent-borne can and coil coatings.

Additives for architectural coatings

Architectural coatings

Arkema Coating Resins creates additives ideal for architectural coatings, including wood stains and architectural wood coatings. Rheology modifiers are suitable for various architectural paints, aerosols, wood stains and decorative paints. Abrasion and scratch resistance agents offer higher slip and lubricity performance. Matting agents are good for demanding applications, offering exceptional slip, scuff and rub resistance.

Additives for general industry coating

General industry coatings

Arkema Coating Resins create additives ideal for general industry coatings, such as wind turbines and more. From water-borne PU systems to industrial coatings where solvent strength and incorporation temperatures are not extreme, rheology modifiers offer excellent sag control and anti-settling.

Surface modifiers provide improved slip, antiblocking and mar and rub resistance. Flow and leveling additives can eliminate orange peel, cratering and pinholes in water-based systems and offer excellent leveling and surface impact in other systems. Dispersing agents are built with a high molecular weight wetting technology.

Adhesives and sealants

Designed for adhesives and sealants, Arkema Coating Resins offers general purpose rheology modifiers, NMP and NEP free liquid additives, micronized amide wax and 100% solids powders. Based on a variety of chemistries, the rheology modifiers offer no sedimentation, good long-term stability and viscosity stability. They offer the most function regardless of application area and allow for easy application by gun or knife.

Why Arkema Coating Resins?

Arkema Coating Resin global industrial additives provider

Manufacturing and supplying the Crayvallac® range of additives since the 1960s, Arkema Coating Resins has developed the trust and reputation with customers. Stocked and sold in over 100 countries around the world, Arkema Coatings Resins is one of the leading providers of rheological, flow and leveling, matting, dispersing, texturing and slip and rub solutions. Arkema Coating Resins is locally supported by a dedicated team of experts from its R&D facility in France to its regional application laboratories in locations like Brazil, China, France, Malaysia, Spain and the USA.

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