Arkema AC systems for cool roof coatings formulate value and performance into your roof coatings

Now it is simple to specify a binder system for cool roof coatings. From high value to high performance there is an Arkema binder system that offers performance and formulating flexibility.

AC III binder systemKynar Aquatec® FMA-12 latex with Encor® Flex 187 latex - this topcoat/basecoat combination includes an all-acrylic basecoat and PVDF topcoat for outstanding performance and durability in top-of-the-line cool roof coatings.

AC II binder system - Encor® Flex 187 Acrylic Latex System - this all-acrylic base and topcoat system delivers excellent performance and meets ASTM D6083 standards.

AC I binder system - Encor® Flex 3186 styrene acrylic system - your choice for a great combination of value and performance.

Akema product keep the roof on this synagog cool.

Binder system components offer formulating consistency

System/PropertyAC IAC IIAC III
Chemistry/Application Encor® Flex 3186 styrene acrylic latex basecoat and topcoat Encor® Flex 187 acrylic latex basecoat and topcoat Encor® Flex 187 acrylic basecoat/Kynar Aquatec® FMA-12 latex topcoat
Substrate: granulated asphalt; modified bitumen; BUR; PVC/EPDM; DTM; masonry; SPF/TOP (may require solvent primer)
Elastomeric properties + ++ ++
Dirt pick up resistance (long term) + ++ ++++
Low temperature flexibility  
ASTM D6083 compliance  
Long term refelctance and durability + ++ ++++
Low VOC capable (<50 g/L)