From DTM to Powder

Arkema offers more choices for metal coatings.

Metal coatings from Arkema Coating Resins

Choose from waterborne or alkyd hybrid binders for direct-to-metal coatings, to solvent-based high solids options, or powder coatings.  The Arkema Coating Resins portfolio offers you a choice of binders to meet your performance and value requirements for factory or field-applied metal coatings.

Arkema's wide range of product chemistries

Arkema Product Chemistry Discription
Encor® DM series Styrene acrylic Range of performance choices; from light industrial to coats and primers to direct-to-metal (DTM) applications.
Chempol® resins High solids polyester No solvent or reactive diluent.  For general metal coating applications.

Chempol® resins

Synocure® resins

Solventborne acrylic For 2K PU and NISO systmes.
Reafree® powders Polyester Hybrid resins, PRIMID, TGIC and superdurable options.
Synaqua® alkyd emulsions Alkyd Solvent-like properties in a waterborne alkyd chemistry.

Binder choices that meet your needs

Product Name Chemistry Descreption
Encor® DM 109 Styrene acrylic Encor® DM109 latex is a unique styrene-acrylic emulsion for direct-to-metal gloss maintenance and general metal applications.
Encor® DM 166 Stryene acrylic Encor® DM166 latex is a styrene-acrylic binder for maintenance and general metal applications.
Chempol® 211-2250 Polyester Chempol® 211-2250 is a multifunctional polyester polyol with superior chemical resistance and outstanding hardness, making it suitable for high performance applications such as military, aerospace, and anti-graffiti coatings.
Chempol® 211-3339 Polyester Chempol® 211-2339 is a high solids polyester. No solvent or reactive diluents. Compatible with gloss thermoset resins, very low VOC’s, superior color retention.
Chempol® 317-0885 Acrylic Chempol® 317-0885 is a NISO acrylic polymer for two component system crosslinking with aliphatic polyepoxides, at ambient cure.
Chempol® 317-2500 Acrylic Chempol® 317-2500 is an acrylic polyol designed for either 2K urethane or thermoset applications
Synocure® 213 BA 50 Acrylic Synocure® 213 BA 50 is used for IWF open grain finishes, rapid solvent release.  Used with NC or CAB, good hardness.
Synocure® 225 BA 50 Acrylic Synocure® 225 BA 50 is used in IWF, BR and GI.  Very fast dry with excellent blocking and chemical resistance.
Reafree® 4703 Polyester Reafree® 4703 is a TGIC cure resin, 93/7 type, for exterior durable thermosetting powder coatings. For clear and pigmented coatings. Good flow. Slow cure response. TMA free.
Reafree® 5700 Polyester Reafree® 5700 is a Superdurable.  Excellent exterior durability.
Synaqua® 821-2241 Alkyd emulsion Synaqua® 4804 is an APEO and ammonia free short oil alkyd emulsion designed for use in a wide variety of coatiings in which performance similar to solvent based alkyds are desired.  It is suitable for use in interior/exterior primers for metal and wood and in direct-to-metal coatings with anticorrosive properties.
Synaqua® 3510 SW 80 Alkyd emulsion Synaqua 3510 SW 80 is an after neutralization water reducible, saturated, hydroxyfunctional, modified polyester, designed especially for cross-linking with water emulsifiable polyisocyanates.  It is particularly recommended for use in highgloss 2-pack-coatings for industrial application.

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