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CELOCOR® Opaque Polymers

Product specifications


  • A voided latex particle that imparts hiding and fuctions as a partial replacement for titanium dioxide
  • EnVia® compliant
  • Low odor

Physical properties

  • Weight solids: 30%
  • Volume solids: 52%
  • pH: 7.3
  • Viscosity: 100 cps
  • Density: 8.6 lbs/gallon

Balance of properties

Interior high quality flat

Hiding 3 Mil. bar

Wet and Dry Hide all comparable. Opacifier paints contain 7% PVC of opacifier and 1.6% PVC (21 lb/100 gal) reduction TiO2.

Tint strength

Opacifier paints contain 7% PVC of opacifier and a 1.6% PVC (21 lb/100 gal) reduction in TiO2. Tinted with 2 oz. Colortrend phthalo blue E.


Note: Above 100% is increased tinting strength.


Interior high end flat

Scrub resistance

ENCOR® 634

ENCOR® 309


Scrub resistance of CELOCOR® is comparable to Competitor A and B. The opacifiers perform closely to TiO2.

Exterior exposure in July 2009

CELOCOR® shows performance equal to competition.