High-speed Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: ENCOR® 9215 latex

 Eliminate the bottleneck !  

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We developed ENCOR® 9215 latex for speed – to meet real world needs in your production of permanent paper labels for corrugated cardboard and other packaging materials. The goal is to help you produce labels faster – eliminating costly bottlenecks in your production line – without compromising product performance.

 That is why ENCOR® 9215 latex is a prime example of why we choose to say:

Good Things Happen When Chemistry Gets Personal™

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 By working closely with manufacturers of permanent paper labels, we understand the importance of high-speed slot-die and curtain coating.   This product is coater ready and offers excellent performance and converting properties in high-speed operations.

Let us help you speed up production and move ahead of the competition.


Waterborne tackified

Acrylic latex




High-speed coating

Balance of peel, tack and cohesive strength

Excellent converting properties


PSA for permanent paper labels

Coater ready (curtain coating and slot die)

Adhesion to corrugated cardboard

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